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Here at Downtown Menomonie, we provide services to businesses located throughout our downtown, specifically those within the Business Improvement District (BID). Upon petition from property owners within Menomonie's central city area, the City of Menomonie established the Menomonie Business Improvement District in 1989.  From its inception, the Menomonie BID has served to manage and promote the interests of the entire District in conjunction with Downtown Menomonie.  Properties located within the BID pay an additional property assessment fee that helps fund the programs and resources that Downtown Menomonie provides. The map below shows the boundaries of the BID, and which properties fall within it (colored in grey).

This is a critical tool for business people in downtown Menomonie in that it allows them to establish a strong organization in order to encourage and promote business development.  Just as good schools, good parks and good roads are essential for a balanced community, a prosperous downtown serves the community as the financial center, service center and special events center.  It is a feature in which all sectors of the community can take pride and share.


A Business Improvement District is the best source of funding that allows the business owners themselves to coordinate promotion, management and maintenance programs for the downtown area.  As a result of this pooled assessment, there is a cost benefit to individual property owners because the organized District can impact upon those activities that affect parts of, or the whole District.  An improved Central Business District creates a positive image for not only those businesses within the BID, but for the community as a whole.

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